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Through its own platform of trading operations, BEST Petroleum is positioned to supply globally by hedging all purchases and sales of fuel products.


Our in-house market intelligence enables us to analyze and anticipate petroleum products market trends enhancing our Company’s competitive supply position while leveraging a strong and liquid capital structure.

Jorge Troop

Head Trading Department


BEST Petroleum’s strategic direction is to continue executing at a superior level on its core business which is to supply and deliver Top Quality fuel products utilizing a portfolio of first-class retail fuel brands.

Claude P. Moreau

Senior Vice President Strategy

BEST Petroleum’s rapid growth is the result of our executive management’s strong focus on expanding its reach to market while solidifying market share.

Manuel Rojas

Head New Ventures


Our Company’s commitment is to deliver Top Quality Products and Outstanding Service to our customers.


Since Best Petroleum acquired the rights to market the GULF, PHILLIPS 66 and 76 fuel brands, we successfully re-branded more than 200 independent service stations in Puerto Rico.


We are proud to be recognized by our business partners and customers for reliable and efficient operations of our products delivery fleet as well as the high standards we maintain at our branded service stations.

Oscar Nieves Montañez

General and Operations Manager

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