Through long term agreements with CORCO in Guayanilla and the Puerto Rico Land Administration in San Juan (Guaynabo Terminal), BEST Petroleum Corp. holds a total storage capacity of approximately 1.4 million barrels for the import and distribution of petroleum products in Puerto Rico and the neighboring Caribbean markets.     


BEST Petroleum takes delivery of Unleaded Gasoline and Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel at its two terminals, the larger storage capacity at CORCO terminal having a draft of 42 feet allowing for larger petroleum products deliveries. Our Company’s portfolio also includes a large fleet of 60 trucks and 125 tanker trailers providing for a safe, reliable and efficient distribution of petroleum products throughout the island.  


Top Quality Fuels is what set us apart from other competitors: Our Company is committed to always perform independent laboratory testing on each delivery to our terminals to ensure the highest level of quality of Gasoline and Diesel that we market.

Antonio De Jesús 
President & Chief Executive Officer


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