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Enjoys a very strong reputation as the preferred and reliable fuel supplier to the independent business owner of service stations in Puerto Rico and the neighboring Caribbean markets

Our company markets three refined fuel products (two grades of Gasoline and one grade of Diesel which are:


  • Regular Gasoline (87 octane)

  • Premium Gasoline (91 octane)

  • Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel


Regular Gasoline (87 octane) 

Is a common type of gasoline used for most vehicles around the world. Is more environmentally-friendly and less hazardous to the health than gasoline with lead.


Our fuel differentiate from all the others because we use Lubrizol® a well known company that provides the most advanced gasoline high quality additives to design performance packages and solutions in our fuel. 


The results are:


  • Optimal power, 

  • Performance, engine  

  • Equipment life, 

  • Fuel economy, 


Regular Unleaded Gasoline

Premium Gasoline

Premium gasoline (91 octane)

Is also known as "high octane gas." Not only does it keep engines cleaner due to its additives, it also produces:


  • Less pollution

  • More power for optimum drivability

  • Prevents fuel injector deposits 

  • Cleaner intake valves


This are just some of the demands of today’s drivers – and just some of the many benefits of advanced Lubrizol® additive technologies. We are proud to have some of the world’s best fuel problem solvers and the industry’s most extensive independent testing capabilities.



Our diesel sold for cars, trucks, buses, boats, and construction vehicles comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agencies' requirements of lowered sulfur contents. Our diesel fuel have a sulfur content of no more than 15 parts per million (15ppm). 


Additives allow BEST to offer higher value of quality 

advance differentiated diesel fuel solutions to end users.    


  • Fewer deposits

  • Reduce emissions

  • Power restoration

  • Engine Cleanliness

  • Reduce friction

  • More power

Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel Fuel


Bunker Best Petroleum company welcomes you to explore a whole range of products and services. 

Our company has a young and dynamic team of skilled employees that will always provide round the clock operations for all bunkering equities for all of our worldwide clientele.

  • Reliable supply chain and logistics capabilities ensure on-time delivery when it’s needed most.

Angel Rivera
Sales Representative

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